Why different people react differently to the same olive oil

 Each olive variety has a unique chemistry-(some varieties  https://www.oliveoilsource.com/varietals) just like we humans. What you taste will be determined primarily on how your chemistry interacts, or marries, with the chemistry of each different olive variety. That is why we usually select monocultivars, so that you have a variety of different chemical options to play with.
As with wines, you will only know by tasting what you really love.

Anti0xidants taste bitter. It can be a bitterness you don't notice, love or hate.
Anti-inflammatories taste peppery, another taste you may not notice, will love or dislike. One of these, Oleocanthal , is unique to extra virgin olive oils. While it is now available in 'pill' form, we strongly suggest using the natural, original product with all it's other benefits. You cannot overdoes with olive oil.

 Bitterness & Pepperiness =  polyphenols = good health

Tasting of course, is the best part, and these EVOOs were simply delicious,

and gone in no time.

The difference is amazing.

You can even get tasting lessons over the Internet using Skype, from the onaoo.

Real or refined? healthy or unhealthy? Learn to tell the difference.