In the beginning I heard this fascinating interview of Tom Mueller on NPR radio & couldn’t believe I'd been fooled for so long.

 These prompted me to read this New Yorker article,

as well as the related blog .

The book ‘Extra Virginity’ had to be next, followed by a reply to one critic.

Important Overview

60 Minutes on Extra Virgin Olive Oil please be patient with ads and slow start ups.

60 Minutes OVERTIME about EVOO

More details on the EVOO / Mafia connection.

A "MUST LISTEN TO INTERVIEW" at the link under this photo

La Semaine Verte      3 part series about Olive Oil (in French)

Moves from Spain in the 1st episode, to Turkey and Greece in the 2nd, and to Italy in the 3rd.

Beautiful photography and interesting, informative reporting.

The frig test is unreliable.

INTERVIEWS with Tom Mueller about EVOO

1)after his ONAOO course

2)Questions & Answers

3) Book signing

4) Earlier interview

5)More on EVOO

 ***Promoting Good Heath site***

This is a thorough evaluation of *EVOO from the book World's Healthiest Foods.

AGBIOLAB- Olive oil analysis-

Guide to buying
olive oil in North America-

The F-- word with a healthy new spin on FAT.

and which will lead you to a Harvard study as well as the following.

For credentials of these last studies go here.

You will have read, and heard, about the corruption problems with *EVOO if you started with the ‘In the beginning.....’ links.

There is some good news  though from Tom Mueller’s web site.

Further discussion of the same subject is in an Italian English paper here.

The Olive Oil times discusses adulterated olive oils here.

With his book Extra Virginity as the snow ball, Tom Mueller has started a welcome & long overdue avalanche of interest, activism

and investigations into the quality, or lack thereof, of Extra Virgin olive oils. Here too we find feedback from  the producer to the  consumer ,

Debunking the refrigerator myth.

as well as Dr. Mary Flynn's clarifications of many misconceptions about EVOO (Extra Virgin olive Oil)

The following web site and interview are current proofs re: the critical importance of the foods you eat for your physical and mental health. Good fats, like real EVOO, are a major factor of course.

*EVOO is Extra Virgin Olive Oil