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You Taste the Truth and Olive oil JdH would like to take you into the deliciously fascinating world of one special area of premium olive oils. The Early & Very Early Harvest treasures with their extra health benefits and wonderful taste varieties.

                                            This years selection from the 2016-17 early harvest.


Our goal is to bring you EVOOs with the highest polyphenol levels

without sacrificing superb taste. 

Our 100% guarantee is your assurance of our dedication to top quality, always.

Traduction française

EVOO=Extra Virgin Olive Oil

a lovely 3250 year old Olive tree on Crete

Test your olive oil IQ..

It was an unpleasant shock to learn the truth about EVOO processing and labeling.

I’d heard EVOO was supposed to be ‘good’ for you and for almost 60 years  I’d been buying it off the grocery shelf, at the best possible price of course. The oft repeated government advice to “read the label”, reinforced my subconscious feeling of ‘getting it right’.

Mueller’s book, Extra Virginity, said real EVOO tasted wonderful. This did not match the taste of the oily liquid I’d been using.

Far more important though, was the news that what I’d been buying was NOT really EVOO. That spoiled fruit was being refined at high heat with chemicals, to remove unpleasant tastes, was very unwelcome news. I decided to find out the truth for myself.

I had learned that EVOO from half ripe olives has the greatest health benefits. A stroke had recently taken my husband, and I wondered if we had known more, could it have been avoided. At the same time I wondered if other people might feel the same as I, with the same information.

Koroneiki olives in abundance. Kritsa, Crete

  As the best way to avoid being conned by some ‘expert’ along the way, it seemed wise to start with those companies already well respected and thoroughly ‘reviewed’ by Mr. Mueller.   If the EVOO tasted the way Mr. Mueller described, I decided I would import what I found and have blind tastings so others could discover the same truth for themselves but, I also decided to focus entirely and exclusively on the early harvest. Health benefits plus taste demand freshness, and that is what we have.

endless square miles of olive trees in Jaen, Spain

old tree laden with olives

half ripe & loaded with nutrients