What some experts say

"I wasn’t alone. About that time (the early 1980′s), other researchers were proposing that around 80 % of cancers were preventable, with 35 % being related to diet and the rest being due to attitude and lifestyle factors. I’ve seen nothing since to suggest these estimates need changing." Meet the authors of this important publication  You'll want to use it regularly as a reference.

How Extra Virgin Olive Oil Can Protect from Alzheimer’s Disease

A current discussion about your general health and most  particularly your mental health.
Facts about cooking with extra virgin olive oil.

8 years ago BBC told us what locals around the Med. have believed for centuries.

A Shoppers guide to pesticides in food.

It's important to understand the roll TIME plays in both good & bad health.
Your education has been going on from the moment you were born.
Trees take time to bear fruit & skin cancers take years to surface.
Preventable diseases take years to evolve and we must give the body time to heal itself once we give it the tools.
*Prof. Khalil's study showed that, in as little as 12 weeks, with only 2 Tablespoons of Extra Virgin olive oil a day, the HDLs (good cholesterol) worked 5X harder to clean the arteries. That single change shifted a key element in the road to high cholesterol, high blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks.
*original study available upon request.

'You are what you eat'....

A wonderful tool from the University of Sydney to help you make the best choices shopping for food.

Speedy, all natural boost to the immune system.  Raw garlic and raw brussel sprouts together. I munch on the raw brussel sprout while I'm cutting the garlic into small pieces which I will swallow,without chewing, with the help of mouth-fulls of water.

A Must Read ..The HIGH SCHOOL REUNION DIET by Dr. David Colbert with Terry Reed

The CNN Approach

Maximizing the benefits from Super foods

Dr.Mary Flynn on the benefits of EVOO.

The Latest from Worlds Healthiest Foods.

 Sophia Loren knows a thing or two about health and beauty.

Early Harvest EVOO is both Condiment AND Medicine
Habits we learn in childhood we carry for the rest of our lives. Change is not easy, but if we want the best for our children, it is time to start including EVOO in our diet. Even if it is the ONLY change you decide upon, it will make a difference in both the long & short term.

Cardiovascular disease is the no. 1 killer in North America and 2 Tablespoons (25ml) a day can make a difference.
Knowing what properties the olive oil has that make a difference, helps us to understand the importance of making EVOO part of out daily diet.

The Mediterannean Diet, Nuts and EVOO.

 Early Harvest EVOO is battling various cancers. There are many studies about how it fights breast cancer .

 What about the  FAT content, and how to feel full for longer.

Early Harvest EVOO will also help with  Alzheimer'sArthritis, Gout, High cholesterol.
EVOO is also helping the elderly.

Scientific studies continue and so does the good news coming from them.
One of the latest of these is an Australian study on macular degeneration  which indicates enough encouraging results with key properties in extra virgin olive oil to warrant continued study.

Recent international study about Diabetes.

More good news fighting Alzheimers.