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Food Fraud***


xpo Santé Mieux
être: a stimulating success
Set up for a three day event introducing exceptional high polyphenol extra virgin
olive oils to all the wonderful health minded individuals who attended.

GOOD ADVICE:...............

Italy has a greater Variety of olives than any other country:

**All about cooking with Olive Oil**
A delightful days tasting at Rock Forest Metro

Our delectable oils are winning prizes all the time.
Here are a few of the more recent

La Gramanosa
Finca La Gramanosa has won the Bronze Medal at the Mario Salinas international contest, with the oil of the brand "Finca la Gramanosa".
As you will probably know, this is the most important contest in the World, and we are the only Spanish company represented in the Mildly Fruity Category. Also, since the Gold and Silver medalists are not Arbequina, this means that we have the best Arbequina in the World.

Cool it man.

A "MUST LISTEN TO INTERVIEW" link under this photo
** 2015 Summer Markets Kick off in Hudson at Finnegan's**

An excellent 3 part series on Olive oil
 which you will find
in our 'LINKs'

Mens Health lists....
         More research = more proof
"The Cooking Staple you need in your kitchen"  The Mayo Clinic
All About Olive Oil
Welcome aboard Harvard!!

Look for us at Finnegan's Market starting Saturday,Sept 27th
 and on Oct. 18th & 25th

***Saturday, November 1st.*** circle your calendar,
   because starting 10am there will be a degustation at

                @ The Atwater Market.
 Exceptional Extra Virgin olive oils from Italy and Greece, emphasizing great taste
 as well as high levels of anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants.
See you there.

Orders for this exquisite EVOO should be placed asap as we expect to have the 2014/15 harvest here in time for Christmas.

Louise sharing 'You Taste the Truth's' selection at the Morin Height's market




BBC, EVOO & Salad
3 very interesting stories from The Olive oil Times.
simply waiting for you to taste. Check out our 'markets days'
schedule to see when we're in a market near you.

Three lovely ladies in Puglia, southern Italy. The grandmother, 94, lives alone without assistance, but she has grown up using real extra virgin olive oils on fresh local produce and has always been active.

Every Wednesday at noon (NY time) live Q&A via Twitter.
To ask a Question readers simply need to include the hashtag #askoot within a tweet.
The Q&A can be followed in a dedicated page set up for the feed at OOT.ms/ask
In the past 30 years 2 Canadians have gone to Imperia, Italy to take this course. This year, of the 10 students, there were 3 Canadian women. a Greek born in Saskatchewan and a dual citizen. (Hong Kong & Canada) There was also a student from the US. Corsica, China, Lithuania and Germany. An exceptionally interesting class.
The official blue tasting glasses.
Agronomist and chemist teachers on field trip with students
Usually smelling and tasting defective olive oils. up to 22 a day!
We moved from the groves to the mill and from the classroom to a tasting venue.
The most time being spent on smelling, tasting and analyzing defects in oils from around the world. It was clearly only the beginning of a fascinating & often delicious learning curve.

Review of latest hunt for exceptional EVOOs

 Moises & I dressed for a tour that starts in a large well equiped lab.( hence the lab. coats !)
Oleoestepa is an example of what can be done on a large scale to produce excellent extra virgin olive oils at reasonable prices. The company offers assistance and advice to the co-op farmers and the better their oils, the more they get paid. Company sponsored competitions also encourage the farmers to excel. Available in Canada & the US., look for the Oleoestepa name on the bottle.

New Food pyramid
  & Walter Willett

Information: the key to finding real EVOO

Never mind polyphenols just find me a real extra virgin olive oil!

Supermarket EVOOs  here

One LITER will give one person 2 Tablespoonfuls a day for 33 or 28 days depending on
whether he uses a US or a UK measure.

Before: Tablespoons & gallons.  After: milliliters & liters. Clarified


   Just how much is the recommended dose of 2 Tablespoons a day


The Best Olive Tasting course comes to NY from Italy
A limit of 20 participants, so if you're interested, act FAST.

BRAVO!  Tom Mueller takes 'EXTRA VIRGINITY' to the ITALIAN Parliament

Olive oil adulteration on the rise in Canada

Alongside temptation at Les Vraies Richesses


How to learn more about the Secrets of Olive oil

The hunt for great olive oils in London, England

Looking for great olive oil...you'll find Castillo here

What chemists are doing with    Oleocanthal

Rosemere Christmas market
Sitting pretty between a french baker and wine

Danville market
always an extra treat when talent feels like adding music to the mix.

Everyone's ready for the North Hatley Christmas market


Questions & Answers from Tom Mueller, author of Extra Virginity

Melburne Market Special events.

Montreal West

GOOD NEWS about learning more about EVOO

Real EVOO or refined? That is the question.
Now, as more people become increasingly interested, the ways & means of finding the answer is evolving.

Fraud and EVOO today

BBC report 8 Years Ago and not much has changed.

Check this out.
Marc Dumaresq of 'Oliva' & Jill Pacaud of 'You taste the Truth'
invite you to a Tasting chez Oliva, at 915 King Ouest, Sherbrooke, from 11 am Nov.13th
Want to see what the early harvest tastes like? Want to ask what a polyphenol is or tastes like?
This is the time & place. See you there.

Oct 19th & a new (for me) market.

Delightful Danville Day


Our goal is to bring you EVOOs with the highest polyphenol levels

without sacrificing superb taste.

Our 100% guarantee is your assurance of our dedication to top quality, always.


Lennoxville Giant Pumpkin and Harvest Fest

Plenty of winners here on a perfect Fall day.

Stanstead revisitedThe last summer?? market day in Stanstead for 2013

Marché Henri on Westminster, Montreal West.

The freshest fruit & veg at the most reasonable prices

..and the freshest most reasonable early harvest
Extra Virgin Olive oils from You taste the truth.

Critical weather news affecting EVOO production from Crete. Updates will follows as more information becomes available

Ready at the Piggery market

entertainment at the Melbourne market

Rosemere market

You've got to hand it to the Japanese

With a comprehensive plan on 'how to'.....

And yes, another market

Very busy with produce at the North Hatley market.

Man do
es not live by bread or EVOO alone
Good health has many faces. Par example:

Tasting some of the finest EVOOs in Stanstead is fun & delicious.

no age limits
and perfect weather

From the Wall Street Journal, this is dated December 2011.
How much progress do you think we have made in the last 18 months?

Melbourne Saturday Market July 13th
A gentle air while everyone gets ready for 9am opening.

Fresh garlic anyone?

EVOO en face des olives farcis.

When TWO towns, Stanstead, QC. & Rock Island, VT., celebrate BORDERFEST
Sunshine, young & old plus.....Floats, Horses, Cars, Music, Tastings and sooo much more....

Borderfest reflects what town spirit is all about

it's the Fresh squeezed that makes the difference. You taste it.

Blind Tastings

posted May 25, 2013, 1:58 PM by Jill den Hertog

Warming, smelling, tasting & judging different EVOOs

in schools, libraries & adult ed. classes.

Learning by tasting

Pushing the Boundries

posted May 18, 2013, 1:59 PM by Jill den Hertog

Take super healthy Frantoio olive trees lavished with TLC, add

A private processing facility that's right up to date, some innovative ideas
and you get a remarkable, and very rare, EVOO with a 900 polyphenol count.
Congratulations Oliveto Fonte di Foiano


Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.. Hippocrates

posted Apr 3, 2013, 1:14 PM by Jill den Hertog

Please go to the following link for some important, serious information about the value of EVOO on your health.

Flos Olei

posted Apr 1, 2013, 12:24 PM by Jill den Hertog

The 2013 edition of Flos Olei, the Italian/English Guide to the world's best olive oils,
had a panel of 50 judges taste almost 3000 entries before compiling their definitive list of awards.

The De Carlo Tenuta Torre di Mossa won 'Best olive oil in the World for 2013'

100% Arbequina

posted Mar 23, 2013, 4:43 PM by Jill den Hertog   [ updated Mar 26, 2013, 3:29 PM ]

March 21st. The 3rd and final EVOO treasure for 2013 arrives.

Castillo de Canena's 100% Family Reserve Arbequina is the perfect compliment to every delicate meal.
Smooth and gentle, but with that delectable tickle that reminds you of it's fresh perfection.

Nothing offsets a late March storm
better than the Arbequina's welcome arrival.

Latest arrival from Crete

posted Mar 2, 2013, 3:17 AM by Jill den Hertog   [ updated Mar 2, 2013, 3:18 AM ]

On the trees in Crete Dec. 2012
in Montreal, Quebec by Feb. 28, 2013

Fresh & Fantastic. Let the Blind Tastings begin.

Close Up

posted Feb 23, 2013, 12:13 PM by Jill den Hertog

What all the excitement is about.

Tenuta Torre di Mossa                   Coratina 100%

The World's Best has Arrived

posted Feb 18, 2013, 2:57 PM by Jill den Hertog

What was hanging from the trees in Puglia last November
is now keeping cool in Windsor, QC.
Blind tasting are lining up & the Greek shipment is due the 23rd Feb.

posted Feb 8, 2013, 11:06 AM by Jill den Hertog


posted Feb 8, 2013, 10:11 AM by Jill den Hertog   [ updated Jul 7, 2013, 2:33 PM ]

Fresh, Fresh, Fresh is to EVOO what location, location, location is to real estate.
This harvest won the Flos Olei award for Best EVOO of 2013 & it arrives in Montreal
mid-Feb 2013. FRESH Torre di Mossa from the company, De Carlo to you.

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